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Having only twenty-four hours to spend in this ancient port city is certainly insufficient, but no reason to scratch it off altogether from a travel itinerary. Many visitors will skip Mombassa for the popular beach towns running up and down its coast, and this is beyond me.

Mombassa has the kind of long, winding, and troubled history that you find in many African port cities. The kind of past that is worn on the varied buildings, smelled in the spice market air, reflected in the layout of Old (and New) Town, and sensed in your interactions with its residents, the Swahili people.

Some street photography and other candid shots from this myserious town of many stories, side streets, and surprises.
MaryScene from a Tak TakSwahili Brothers ISwahili Brothers II"Aga Khan" IISoccer Game through a Gun Slot ISoccer Game through a Gun Slot IISoccer Game through a Gun SlotUntitledUntitled"Aga Khan" IBread VendorLittle Mamadou